frequently asked questions


Who is Capstone Franchise Consulting?

Capstone Franchise Consulting, LLC is a franchise brokerage firm located in St. Louis, MO. Jeremy Hodess founded the company to guide individuals through the franchise discovery process. Our firm provides general franchise education and help the entrepreneur research specific businesses.  

Why use a franchise broker?

An experienced broker is your expert on trends in franchising and specific franchise concepts. We save you time by identifying those select franchises that meet your criteria and are available in your desired market. Our greatest value is helping you discover options that match your strengths, goals and requirements. 

What is your fee schedule?

We do not charge franchise candidates for our services. We offer you our franchise matchmaking service, our research tools and connections to our strategic partners at no cost.  

How does Capstone Franchise Consulting make money?

Brokers help franchisors grow. We do this by finding qualified candidates that strengthen the franchise system. Franchisors pay Capstone Franchise Consulting a referral fee when we make a successful match.  

Do I pay more if I go through a broker?

Capstone’s fees will never increase the cost of  your investment. You pay the same whether you go it alone or use a broker. With Capstone, you enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced professional without any extra cost to you.  

Why not just talk to the franchisor?

Of course, this is always an option. Capstone helps you explore the variety of franchise options available to you. Did you know that there are over 4,000 franchises operating in the U.S. today? Investments range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. You will find franchises in many industries from home services to technology to fast food. We help you understand all your options, and we guide you through the due diligence process.